ISO9000 is dead………..long live ISO9000!


What is all this nonsense concerning ISO9000? There are professional networking sites currently discussing endlessly the reason for ISO9000, or debating what clauses mean, or how words within clauses should be interpreted.

ISO9000 is just what it says on the tin…….a standard. It is not a philosophy…….it does not represent the best in management theory…… is not a theory for the control of output. It should be likened more to the contents page of a book.

It is the need of managers to change which must be the driver. To change means taking risks. Managing an organisation must be dynamic………engaging and rewarding. ISO9000 need not adversely affect this approach if used intelligently.

We in BMN Management apply a systems thinking approach to our client support. Yes, we have ISO9000 as an option and many of our clients choose this option…………what is not an option but more an imperative, is the need to apply systems thinking that supports innovation and creativity. This is not incompatible with the use of ISO9000.

Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help you to change your organisation?

ISO000 is dead…………..long live ISO9000!

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